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For maximum tensile testing throughput and capability, Tinius Olsen offers a range of horizontal tensile testing machines in capacities of 5kN (1000lbf), 25kN (5000lbf), 150kN (30,000lbf) and 300kN (60,000lbf).
These horizontal testing machines offer unique benefits over vertically oriented testers by allowing a range of accessories to be mounted next to the machine to turn it into a fully automatic testing station.
They are designed primarily for production departments and are typically in constant use; however, the grips can be modified to accommodate different shaped samples and alternate grips can be provided for customers when test requirements change.
The horizontal extensometer that is typically used with the machine has a unique design that incorporates pneumatic controls to automatically lower the arms prior to the test and raise the arms at the end of the test. Air bearings on the extensometer provide accurate strain measurement through fracture.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid, easy specimen loading
  • Automatic specimen gripping
  • Automatic extensometer placement and removal
  • Auto-ranging for both load and strain
  • Accurate strain measurement through failure
  • Grips return to start position automatically
  • Higher throughput of test samples

Options & Accessories

  • Robotic loading and removal of samples
  • Sample dimension and barcode reading
  • Instrumentation and determination of R value

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