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Model FH12-38

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The model FH12-38 is a rock solid C-frame with supreme rigidity. The closed loop system is based on a load cell and Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, ball indentation, HVT and HBT scales are part of its testing capabilities.
The test force ranges from 3-150kgf and test cycles can be automatic or manual. With a motorized Z axis and descending test head capable of workpiece detection, it is one of the most loaded technological hardness testers. A 15in industrial touch screen and PC-based Horizon software add to the advantages of this equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Load cell, closed loop, force feedback system
  • Load range 3-150kgf (29.4-1471N)
  • Meets or exceeds ISO, ASTM and JIS standards
  • Motorized Z-axis (standard)
  • Descending test head with automatic workpiece detection
  • PC-based Horizon hardness testing firmware and database file system as standard
  • Large, adjustable 15in industrial touch screen
  • Brinell option: optical – high resolution palm scanner with on-screen auto-read and fine-tune adjustments of indentation
  • Testing procedure and results storage on internal hard drive
  • LAN, WLAN, USB-2, RS232, printer and DVI connectivity as standard
  • On-board built-in driver for (optional) motorized X-Y stage as standard
  • Free definable test patterns case depth, traverse, free style, etc – optional
  • Raise and lower up to 600kg specimen
  • Floor standing model

Model details

  • 3-150kgf – Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell (optional)

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