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Model FH7

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The model FH7-4 Micro-Vickers, Vickers, Knoop and Micro Brinell hardness testing machines are a new generation that use a unique, electronically controlled, closed loop system and advanced force sensor technology to achieve absolute accuracy, reliability and repeatability, on each of the forces used for a test.
Horizon software allows file storing, test program setting and storing, image zoom, auto focus, limit settings, conversions to other hardness scales, system setup and (remote) control, and pattern testing (CHD/Nht/Rht) to ensure high reproducibility of test results and limit operator error and interpretation.

Features & Benefits

  • Loadcell, force feedback, closed loop system
  • Load range 50gf-250kgf (0.5-2452N)
  • Meets or exceeds ISO, ASTM and JIS standards
  • Fully automatic advanced co-ordinate pattern, weld pattern and free style testing of metallic and plastic parts in any common hardness scale
  • Eight-position, advanced high speed turret(optional)
  • Quick change stage and anvil post
  • Anti-collision system for objectives and indenters
  • High power LED vertical illuminator with filter position
  • 15in portrait mode, HD industrial touchscreen
  • Connectivity: four USB, RJ45 ethernet, LAN, W-LAN, RS232, Bluetooth

Model details


  • 50gf-250kgf – Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Knoop, Micro Brinell


  • 200gf-250kgf – Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Knoop, Micro Brinell


  • 50gf-62.5kgf – Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Knoop, Micro Brinell

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