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Universal Penetrometer


Penetrometers are used for testing a wide variety of materials such as grease, petroleum, bitumen, tar, asphalt, rubber, cement and soils.
In this test, a chosen force is applied over a given area for a known period of time and the depth of penetration or the depression made in the sample is measured in tenths of a millimeter, which is expressed as a penetration number. An accurately fabricated steel base has been designed to facilitate penetration tests to be made over a wide surface area of sample. Adjustable feet are provided in the base for levelling. The display and penetration arm are adjustable to permit the testing of samples immersed in a thermostat bath.
The unit is compact with in-built timer to control the duration of penetration, which is preset in the factory to five seconds. The instrument is provided with levelling screws. Each penetrometer is supplied with a plunger weighing 47.5g for testing bituminous product, one 50g weight, and one 100g weight. It also includes the cone and penetration unit.
Applicable Standards: ASTM D5, ASTM D1321, ASTM D2884, ASTM D1403, BS 1377, BS 2000-(Part 49), BS 4691, BS 4698, ASTM D937, ASTM D217, EN 1426, 13179-2, AASHTO T49, IP49.

Ordering information

  • TO-512-01 Universal Penetrometer with Timer, 110V, 60Hz, 1ph
  • TO-512-01 Universal Penetrometer with Timer, 220V, 60Hz, 1ph
  • TO-512-01 Universal Penetrometer with Timer, 220V, 50Hz, 1ph

Options & Accessories

  • TO-515 Penetration Cone
  • TO-518 Bitumen Penetration Kit
  • TO-51801 Penetration Needle
  • TO-51802 Transfer dish (copper)
  • TO-51803 Aluminium sample containers
  • TO-04201 Penetration Test Cone
  • TO-04202 Penetration Test Cup

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