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Model MP1200

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The MP1200 melt flow tester/extrusion plastometer features the latest in melt flow measurement technology and allows operators to quickly and easily set up and perform melt flow tests according to ASTM D1238, ISO 1133-1 & 2 and other international and industrial specifications.
The MP1200 is available in two distinct versions: the manual MP1200 and the motorized MP1200M. The manual MP1200 comes with everything you need - except weights and laboratory balance - to perform an ASTM D1238 Procedure A (manual cut) gravimetric melt flow rate (MFR). Test loads are applied manually.
The MP1200 can be upgraded with optional features, including ISO 1133 tools and an encoder-based programmable piston displacement transducer (PPDT), for testing according to Procedures B & C (ASTM D1238) or for volume measurement tests (melt volume rate or MVR) and melt density calculations.
Also available as options are Tinius Olsen’s manual and automatic specimen cutting tool attachments, which can be used with some materials to reduce the human involvement with the machine during the test and increase accuracy and repeatability of test results.

Features & Benefits

User friendly color touch-screen LCD display (video). Operators can configure the options available for the machine and program user settings (language, units, alarms, etc.). Individual test protocols can be set and stored for rapid recall when needed.

When programming tests, operators have the option of selecting which sample identifiers they wish to use from a preloaded list or they can make their own identifier. They can also select which test results they wish to report. Test results are displayed automatically at the end of the test and can be saved or printed out to a printer connected to the MP1200’s USB port.
For more sophisticated data collection, the MP1200 works with Tinius Olsen’s Horizon software. Horizon can store an unlimited amount of test settings and test results for recall when desired. The operator can also generate test reports and SPC control charts.

Options & Accessories

  • A flow rate ratio attachment allows the flow rate to be determined using two or three different test loads on one charge of material
  • Two types of cut-off tools are available: manual or motorized
  • Pneumatic clean and purge is available as either a purge-only accessory or a purge-and-cleaning accessory. The pneumatically operated pistons are used in conjunction with the motorized weight lowering platform for more automated operation of the MP1200M
  • Horizon software goes far beyond data collection and presentation. Horizon provides a library of standard, specific and application-focused test routines that have been developed in close cooperation with customers around the world and to the standards they are using
  • Motorized weight lowering platform
  • Quick die release