Tinius Olsen

Model SL – Compression Only


Tinius Olsen’s popular line of SL hydraulic testing machines is complemented by a series of compression-only test frames. These frames have the same robust design, quality materials and precision engineering as the tension and compression frames, but test in compression only.
The Tinius Olsen SL series stands out because of its accuracy, dependability and power. Its efficient footprint size and nominal maintenance comes from the patented dual low pressure hydraulic loading system, which delivers exacting control of movement when it is under constant speed, stress or strain rate control.
All SL systems meet ASTM, ISO, GOST, GB and other international standards in terms of accuracy. Accuracy is within or better than +/- 0.5% of applied force from 0.2% to 100% of frame capacity.
There are a number of interface options available in support of test productivity and user preferences: tethered handheld, wireless and/or virtual through the test, control and reporting software.


The SL can be used with a wide range of compression extensometers on concrete, rock, asphalt, single or dual or tri averaging extensometers under constant speed, stress or strain rate loading.

Horizon Data Analysis Software

Horizon materials-testing software provides an efficient environment through which to perform compression tests, view live data throughout the test, analyze results, report and pass the results to interested parties across a network as data stream or a network database, or in the form of pass/fail alerts.

As a reference system, Horizon integrates with the lab user’s standard Windows passwords and access, automatically implements traceable signatures in test report footers and provides a running log of any changes to test methods and settings.

Compatible Accessories