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The Many Roles of Automated Material Testing (AMT) in Manufacturing     There’s no doubt that the manufacturing industry requires credible, repeatable, and sustainable testing and qualification across the board, from raw materials (steel, alloy, polymer, composite, etc.) to final components, devices and products….

Tinius Olsens’ new VectorExtensometer is real a step change in extensometer technology, capable of replacing multiple contacting and non-contacting sensors with a single, industry specific instrument.     Integrating adaptive AI capabilities with optical hardware, Vector reduces test throughput times and complexity, automating the process of capturing strain, improving measurement accuracy, data consistency and operator safety…..

Elevated Temperature Testing Improves Manufacturing Efficiencies     Today’s manufactured products are being pushed beyond their original design limits. Modern manufacturing faces new challenges that stem from a global shift in the overall supply chain—from raw material to final product delivery—as well as operational productivity and the implications of an altered workforce dynamic. The physical properties of raw materials are under scrutiny to ensure that the correct material is selected for the right application and that the material is inherently suitable for the process at hand……