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AIM Quick Change Mold

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These types of specimen tests are commonly used to determine the key properties of a material, such as tensile strength, Izod and Charpy impact strength, hardness, flammability, shrinkage and gloss/color matching.
The AIM™ Quick Change Mold is available in three sizes: Standard, XL and XXL. The mold base hole pattern comes in Euromap, SPI or customer-specific design.
The most common inserts include ISO A (specimen 170 x 10 x 4mm), ISO B (specimen 80 x 10 x 4mm), ISO D2 (specimen 60 x 60 x 2mm) and spiral flow.
The AIM Quick Change Mold fully complies with all the requirements for an ASTM or ISO approved injection mold, with strong emphasis being placed on greater standardisation and uniformity of specimen tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique system, which ensure global comparison of material properties
  • Quick-change of product-forming inserts in seconds
  • Horizontal change of inserts and mirror plates for increased convenience
  • Highly flexible, with inserts for all standards available
  • Compatible with regular injection molding machines
  • Extremely reliable, with a high level of support and service
  • Built-in temperature sensor and pressure sensors (optional) in mirror plate
  • Mold base and mirror plate/insert connected by quick-couplings for heating/cooling
  • Guiding pins and bushes for accurate alignment of fixed and moving half inserts
  • Corrosion-resistant steel mold base, mirror plate and insert
  • Mold Specifications


  • Insert design – vertical/horizontal
  • Ejector pins – 14
  • Ejector stroke – 9mm
  • Weight – 85kg

  • Insert design – horizontal
  • Ejector pins – 41
  • Ejector stroke – 13mm
  • Weight – 165kg

  • Insert design – vertical
  • Ejector pins – 43
  • Ejector stroke – 13mm
  • Weight – 200kg