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Automated Flex System

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Following the on-going innovation in automated systems, Tinius Olsen has introduced Flexural testing as part of the automated testing solution. A flex system is integrated into the automation system cell along with specimen storage, identification & measurement units and a six-axis robot to move specimens to and from the stations.
For safety and security purposes, the automated cell has various options such as interlocking doors and password protection on the specimen rack window and the door. For 24/7 surveillance, the cell is able to integrate camera systems, which can be accessed from a PC, mobile, tablet or even remotely.
Horizon software is equipped to handle end-to-end operations after the specimens are fed into the testing cell. The output package from the software includes results, graphs and videos, all delivered to teams at their workstations, stored for recall and back-up and wrapped with suitable traceability details to support compliance.

Scalable Technology Blocks

At Tinius Olsen we have taken a fresh look at how our customers use materials testing machines and software to meet their specific needs in today’s commercial environment. Accuracy, resolution, data rates, control, precise adherence to test standards, calibration, measurement of uncertainty and traceability are all essential parameters tuned to the highest standards and capabilities in Tinius Olsen testing machines and software.

The next workplace evolution is to ensure this technology is used as efficiently as possible in your test lab and in the control of your materials, product quality and performance. It’s about providing a financially quantified step-gain in productivity using Tinius Olsen technology.

To achieve this we have developed scalable technology blocks to automate tensile, compression, flexural, impact, melt flow and hardness tests. Our systems can deal with low miliNewton forces to high thousands of kNs and process from 30-1250 tests a day. Tinius Olsen can provide an affordable solution to deliver a step-change in productivity and profitability of your business needs.

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