Tinius Olsen

Core Case


Tinius Olsen’s Core Case is for drilling concrete cores and to keep the surface clean and cool. It also allows the core drill to easily produce cores up to 100mm in diameter without use of a frame and feed.
Water is fed into the jacket and flows through a manifold, into a drill spindle and continues to the inside of the diamond core bit. The water jacket surrounding the core barrel is flanged so that it can be clamped to the surface to be drilled with the supplied clamping pliers and anchors. A rubber O-ring, fitted on this flange, seals the assembly against the concrete surface, enabling return flushing water containing the cuttings to be hosed away from the site.
Drill feed assembly is common to all models and makes the system adaptable to all core diameters with simple conversion kits. Core Case is a portable, self-contained system, easily carried by one person in a standard briefcase.
Applicable Standards: EN 12350-7; ASTM C231, ASTM C213.

Features & Benefits

  • Electric drill machine
  • Feed assembly
  • Hammer drill bit 8mm
  • Anchor bolt (one set)
  • 2 x rubber coupling
  • 15 x fasteners
  • Clamp for holding water jacket (one set)

Options & Accessories

  • TO-36801 Core bit & water jacket, 25mm diameter x 75mm long
  • TO-36802 Core bit & water jacket, 38mm diameter x 100mm long
  • TO-36803 Core bit & water jacket, 50mm diameter x 100mm long
  • TO-36804 Core bit & water jacket, 75mm diameter x 100mm long
  • TO-36805 Core bit & water jacket, 100mm diameter x 100mm long
  • TO-36810 Core bit 50mm diameter x 200mm long
  • TO-36811 Core bit 75mm diameter x 200mm long
  • TO-36812 Core bit 100mm diameter x 200mm long
  • TO-36807 Feed assembly
  • TO-36813 Hammer drill bit 8mm
  • TO-36816 Anchor bolt (one set)
  • TO-36817 2 x Rubber coupling
  • TO-36820 Clamp for holding water jacket (one set)
  • TO-36823 15 x Fasteners

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