Tinius Olsen

Tooling for Threaded Fasteners

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Tinius Olsen offers a wide variety of tools and accessories for testing bolts, nuts and threaded fasteners in accordance with ASTM methods A194, A370, F606 and other applicable ASTM, SAE, IFI and Military specifications. The unique design of these tools eliminates the need for switching slotted bolt holders which can become heavy and cumbersome. They also eliminate the need to piggyback holders, i.e. attach a smaller slotted bolt holder to a larger one which is attached to the crosshead. This design can also help to reduce the need for increased tension test space which can be expensive and totally impractical.


Standard tooling is available for fasteners in sizes upto 1½ in and M39 with components rated for 175,000psi (1,200MPa) stress based on the tensile stress area of the specimens. Short bolts with a length as short a two times the diameter can also be tested with this tooling.