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Computer assisted data acquisition and machine control system, which can be supplied with most Tinius Olsen testing equipment. The Horizon software package allows data to be collected, analyzed, graphed (where appropriate), and stored. If the testing machine allows, it can also provide control over testing operations.
Horizon has a comprehensive selection of pre-defined testing programs that includes powerful analysis of testing data, complex control and sophisticated reporting. These programs can be modified and further enhanced to fit a customer’s particular requirements. The testing data collected by these programs can be exported to an outside source and subsequently transferred to other data analysis systems.
The Horizon databases can also be configured for sharing across several computers on a company’s network, thereby allowing the testing programs and testing data to be utilized by multiple systems.
Using Horizon will make easy work of your materials testing, whether it’s designed for the demanding rigors of R&D or the charting and analysis functions of QC testing.

Method/Output Editors

The testing programs within the library can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements by using the Method and Output Editors:

  • Create custom batch/sample identifiers for reporting and recalling purposes
  • Enhance the control of the machine with advanced machine segments
  • Automatically accept tests then print or email the report based on pre-defined limits
  • Customize multiple reports for various recipients
  • Import specimen data (such as dimensions or limits) from an external file based on an identifier
  • Export results, limits, statistics, and/or curve points to an external file

Library of Methods

A searchable database contains a variety of pre-defined testing routines. These methods are based on standards including ASTM, ISO, EN, BS, DIN and many more. These routines include testing in tension, compression, flexure, torsion, melt index, heat distortion, hardness, impact and more. Each method can be transferred into the user’s main database and customized with their own identifiers, units, report layouts, etc. With each new version update of Horizon, more and more routines are added to the library.

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