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VectorExtensometer Single 200

Vector Extensometer
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Single variable length gauge measurement

From 10-150mm gauge length, dependent on elongation % within 200mm FOV

  Tinius Olsen introduces Vector a step change in extensometer technology capable of replacing multiple contacting and non-contacting sensors with a single, industry specific instrument.

  Integrating adaptive AI capabilities with optical hardware, Vector reduces test throughput times and complexity, automating the process of capturing strain, improving measurement accuracy, data consistency and operator safety.


● Non contacting with digital placement of specimen gauge marks supporting an automated process.
● 0.5 μm resolution (1.9685039e-5 inch), ISO 9513 Class 0.2 and ASTM E83 Class B1 capable.
● Various marking options available, material dependent. Dots, rings, lines, speckles, including material surface tracking.
● Output data available in analog and or serial digital formats.


Field of View: Fixed 200H x 75W x 100D[mm] cuboid
Real-Time Data Rate: ≥ 100 Hz, platform dependent. Full system from acquisition to output.
Strain Outputs: Analog Output: ±10V, short-protected, selectable units and range; includes 2.4 m (8 ft) shielded output cable
Digital Output: 16-64 bit serial; includes 1.8 m (6 ft) shielded null modem cable
Resolution: <0.5 μm quasistatic, and cyclic; Typical RMS resolution at typical settings.
Resolution is a function of the marking data rate and filter settings
Extensometer Accuracy Class: ISO 9513 Class 0.2 and ASTM E83 Class B-1 or better typical at ≥10 mm gage