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Model TO-408

Cement Autoclave

The Cement Autoclave is ideal for conducting accelerated soundness tests on cement and consists of a stainless steel pressure vessel with insulated outer shell.

The temperature and pressure are measured by RTD probes and the system controlled by a PID controller, but the system has a spring-loaded pressure release safety valve to maintain safe operation.

tinius olsen Cement Autoclave

Key Features

♦ Rustproof stainless steel pressure vessel and enclosure

♦ Microprocessor-based PID controller for accurate control of temperature and pressure

♦ Three-part safety mechanism to protect the operator and equipment

♦ Simple to use

tinius olsen Cement Autoclave


♦ Working pressure: 21 ± 1kg/cm² at 215°C (300psi at 419°F)

♦ Pressure vessel: 150 x 500mm depth

♦ Weight: 70kg

♦ Heater: 2000W

tinius olsen Cement Autoclave

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