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Horizon Software

    Computer-assisted data acquisition and machine control systems can be supplied with most Tinius Olsen testing equipment. The Horizon software package allow data to be automatically collected, analyzed and, where appropriate, graphed or displayed, while providing total control of testing operations. Horizon has a comprehensive selection of testing programs, all of which offer powerful analysis, complex control and sophisticated reporting; in some cases the resultant test data and pass/fail criteria can be passed across corporate networks, from test lab to shipping departments, without operator intervention. Using Tinius Olsen software, manual test data result calculation or interpretation is removed, and the data is accurate and portable. 

Features of Result and Output Editor

  • Multiple graph types can be used per test (stress vs strain, or Load vs Time etc
  • Unique results can be calculated that draw on parameters and results from other tests and equipment
  • Reports can be generated using your customer’s logo
  • Reports can be created in the precise format you desire
  • Data can be exported to a variety of different formats
  • An overview is always available to preview what has been created
  • Customized formulae can be written to create your own unique results

tinius olsen horizon software

Key Features Overview

  • Test method library
  • Test editor
  • Tabbed test and recall area
  • Mutliple machine control
  • Output editor
  • Multilingual
  • Method editor
  • Result editor
  • Multifaceted security
  • Touchscreen enabled

Method Library

     If your testing regimen follows a quality control analysis to a variety of international standards, then going to the Test Method Library is the first place you want to visit; here you can select your desired test method that we have written in accordance with different international test standards.

    If you need to test for the melt flow index of incoming resin, to ASTM D1238 procedure B, simply select that  outine from the list in the library. Similarly, if you need to determine the pipe crush strength in accordance with EN802, or the tensile strength of steel reinforcement bar in accordance with ASTM E8, or the Vicat softening temperature of plastics in accordance with ISO 306 etc., simply make the selection from the library.

Features of Test Method Library

  • Searchable database of international test standards
  • Standards from ASTM, ISO, EN, BS DIN and many more
  • Tests for tension, flexure, melt index, compression etc
  • Ability to customize the test setup using a standard as a template
  • Setups are available in multiple languages and dialects — even create your own
  • Multiple levels and types of security so data and equipment is protected

Result and Output Editor

    Once all the data has been gathered, Horizon can consolidate it into reports that you can customize to your, or your customer’s, individual needs.

    The output editor allows unprecedented formatting of your data. You can select what live data can be shown during the test; theacceptable limits of the results; the graphical representation of the test — in multiple formats; the layout of the report including the use of your, or your customer’s, logo on the report; and also if you need the resultant data available in another format (it can be readily exported or converted to that desired format). These reports can be distributed across one pc, multiple pcs, or even across a network; the presentation of these test reports is compatible with multiple common formats, including an ERP format.


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