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Model TO-105-2

Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Every building or structure imposes loads on the soil supporting the foundation and this develops stress among the soil particles; failure of this stress leads to the sliding of one body of soil relative to the surrounding mass.

Tinius Olsen’s direct shear test apparatus is a motorized dead weight testing machine designed for direct and residual shear testing on undisturbed and remolded soil specimens. The machine uses a 10:1 beam loading device to control confining pressures, a load cell with readout measures shear pressure and a displacement transducer to measure shear and vertical displacement.

tinius olsen direct shear test apparatus

Key Features

♦ Applicable standards: BS 1377; EN 1997-2; ASTM D3080

♦ Microprocessor control

♦ Rapid approach and return to start datum

♦ Fully variable speed, up to 9.99mm/min

♦ Reduced operator involvement

♦ Direct entry through keyboard

♦ Direct reading in engineering units

♦ Modular transducer system

tinius olsen direct shear test apparatus


♦ Mode of display: Micro-controller multi-line alpha numeric display for all simultaneous channels

♦ Capacity: 2kN (200kgf) load cell

♦ Range: + 20 mm. LVDT displacement sensor with 3m long cable

♦ Shear measurement: Direct/residual

♦ Fast forward/reverse speed: 10mm/min

♦ Rates of strain: Up to 9.99mm/minute

♦ Specimen size: 60 x 60 x 25mm

tinius olsen direct shear test apparatus

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