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330-012 3-Point Flex Test with LVDT

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Variable span three-point flexural test attachment comprising base unit with two support points of contact and one upper point of contact. A 10mm travel LVDT transducer kit and a mounting bracket also accompany this flexural assembly. The graduated scale on the main body of the unit allows accurate setting of support span.


The flexural test attachment is used on ST Series material testing machines.



  • Item #: 99-1002330 with LVDT
  • Maximum capacity: 25kN/5620lbf
  • Minimum loadcell: 250N/56lbf
  • Variable span: 35-300mm/1.4-11.8in
  • Radius of contact points: see below*
  • Maximum specimen width: 50mm/2in
  • Weight of upper contact: 1.5kg/3.3lb
  • Weight (except upper contact): 4.9kg /32.8lb
  • Temperature limits: -30-70°C
  • 10mm LVDT kit: part# 99-1002382
  • Mounting bracket: part# 99-1002383


  • Two-point centre anvil for conversion from three-point loading to four-point loading
  • Spans available in either metric or English graduations

*Available anvil loading bars
Length/diameter: 50.8mm/4mm, 50.8mm/5mm, 50.8mm/6mm, 50.8mm/8mm, 50.8mm/10mm, 50.8mm/12mm, 50.8mm/16mm, 50.8mm/20mm, 50.8mm/25mm, 50.8mm/1/2in, 50.8mm/1/4in, 50.8mm/1/8in, 102mm/3/4in




  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Corrugated card
  • Sheet materials


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