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122-008 Pneumatic grip - 20kN

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High force pneumatic grip operated by an integral valve. Dual pneumatically actuated jaws clamp the specimen on center line and maintain a positive pressure even when a specimen reduces in thickness during the test. Interchangeable jaw options available in support of positive gripping of material type and test standard compliance.
Controlled using a foot pedal. For safety the initial gripping force applied to a specimen is limited to a spring pressure. Full force test pressure is applied through activation by operator using two hands away from the grip jaws.
Supports integration into automated systems.



  • Maximum capacity: 20kN (4,000 lbs); when jaws ≤ 50mm wide
    10kN (2,000 lbs); when 50mm ≤ jaws ≤ 100mm wide
  • Minimum loadcell: 2.5kN
  • Dimensions: 229mm high (268mm with 3/4” I/F), 198mm depth, 230mm wide
  • Specimen dimension: 100mm wide x 12 mm thick
  • Max grip opening: 13mm (at rest)
    (Jaws slide in and click into position centrally)
  • Weight: 15kg (without jaw faces)
  • Maximum clamping force: 40kN at 80psi/5.5bar (clamping force stays constant even if sample reduces in thickness)
  • Operating air supply: 80psi / 5.5bar
  • Temperature range: ambient to 35°C.
    Other jaw faces are available on request.



  • Polymer
  • Textile
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