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From headlights to muffler, from the chassis to the interior and everything in between, Tinius Olsen provides a professional automotive testing and certification service.

Automotive products today need to be safe and strong. Is your chassis built to protect against salt spray corrosion? How does your engine react at high altitudes? Will your vehicle or component withstand years of vibration?

For example, Tinius Olsen can help certify engine durability or shock, or collaborate on the creation of specific test methods for key areas of product development. It can accelerate environmental exposure testing for everything from -45°C to 177°C, optimize thermal shock or tensile strength testing, provide targeted electrical testing and more. Automotive testing supports materials testing, performance testing, research and development, safety and certification for both established and developmental alternative energy fuels and new technologies.

But Tinius Olsen provides much more than automotive testing and certification; We are a total quality assurance provider. Through our global network of state-of-the-art automotive testing laboratories and industry-leading technical expertise, we provide innovative and bespoke assurance, testing, inspection and certification services with precision, speed and passion in a consistently delivered operation and delivery chain. To move our customers safely.

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