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Oil & Gas


Tinius Olsen’s technical experts provide complete quality assurance throughout the oil and gas supply chain – from testing, inspection and certification to consulting, technical, engineering and related services.

The oil and gas industry brings a distinct set of challenges to owners and operators. As stocks run low and product demand fluctuates, the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of support services become more important than ever. Management of the closure of old assets will become increasingly important.

Ensuring that your people and sites are safe and that your processes are optimized is a priority throughout the supply chain – from extraction that involves increasingly high pressures and temperatures to statutory inspections of production assets and extension of asset life – all the way through transportation of hydrocarbons, which is governed by stringent rules and standards. In addition, projects need to be delivered on time, safely and cost-effectively.

Our global total quality assurance services support exploration and production, engineering, refining, testing, inspection, certification, quality, training, research and related hydrocarbon industry activities.

We can ensure regulatory compliance of the raw materials used at all stages of the project life-cycle, delivered by technical experts including oil and gas and hazardous sector scientists, consultants, engineers, chemists, technicians and trainers.

From reservoir to refinery and beyond, our people are committed to anticipating and meeting your quality, safety, compliance and performance needs with consistent and reliable assurance solutions. This includes the transition to total sustainability and green energy generation.

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