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Whether you need to measure the compressive load capacity of egg cartons or the seal strength of sterilized medical pouches, Tinius Olsen material testing systems are ideal for determining the mechanical properties of packaging containers, components and materials. We have worked with hundreds of customers who test packaging in medical, transportation, food and retail applications.

All of our systems are capable of exceeding ramp and ASTM E4 force accuracy requirements to withstand continuous-to-travel, load and cyclic tests. Tinius Olsen provides a full range of testing machines, fixtures, controllers, software, environmental chambers and baths to perform compression, tension, peel, seal and fatigue tests to ASTM and ISO standards:

  • Paper and carton packaging
  • Film stretch wrap and laminates
  • Foam molds and inserts
  • Cushioning and loose fill packaging
  • Textile packaging
  • Plastic boxes and containers
  • Adhesives, tapes and straps
  • Metal canisters and casings
  • Seals, buckles, and fasteners
  • Wooden crates
  • Pouches and bags
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Recycled packaging
  • Medical and pharmaceutical packaging
  • And many more

Virtually all of our test systems are capable of performing multiple mechanical tests on packaging products. The sample size and force capacity of your packaging as well as your analysis and reporting requirements will determine which Tinius Olsen test system is right for your application. We will adapt any system to meet particular load, speed and fixing requirements.

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