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Tear Resistance Testing
Tear resistance testing is a measure of a specimen's ability to resist tearing and can be found in the plastic film, paper and textile industries and.

Tear resistance can be significantly affected by test speed, ie the speed used in producing the tear. Tear propagation resistance is common with materials such as paper and rubber for the purpose of acceptance testing. Tear resistance in textiles includes the load required to propagate a “rip-tongue” type of tear (the tear that comes from a cut).

Tear Strength Testing
Tear strength is the tensile force required to break a sample of pre-slit woven fabric under controlled conditions. The edge tearing strength of the paper is the load required to tear a specimen on a V-notch fixture.

Tinius Olsen offers force measurement equipment and material testing machines for tear testing. All testing hardware is fully complemented by our Horizon software.

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