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Materials testing of textiles measures their properties and performance including physical and chemical testing of raw materials to the finished product. It assists textile production in selecting various types of fibers and their transformation into yarn, fabric and finished goods such as clothing. The materials are evaluated at multiple stages of production to qualify, compare and meet all relevant international Standards to meet the norms of different production stages and consumer requirements.

Tinius Olsen material testing systems are chosen by the textile industry because of their reliability and ease of use. We have a large selection of  grips specifically designed for testing fabric, thread, ropes and webbings.

All Tinius Olsen testing machines can be equipped with one of two closed loop servo-controllers. Horizon, our most advanced testing system, is a PC-based unit that provides a wide range of flexibility in control, data acquisition, analysis and reporting. The HMC3.0 Digital Controller, a standalone touch panel unit, provides a balance between performance and simplicity.

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