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Tinius Olsen's reliable and easy-to-use material testing system is employed by the adhesive industry to test the peel strength, bond and shear properties of adhesives. The types of adhesive materials commonly tested include pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, epoxies, sealants and thermosetting structural adhesives.

Our pull testing machines have a number of features that are specifically designed to make testing easier. For example, our systems can automatically average the data for peel strength loads over a given distance and will report the adhesive strength per unit width of the adhesive.

Our adhesive testing systems feature constant-rate-of-extension (CRE) and/or constant-rate-of-load (CRL) controls that allow engineers to perform a variety of adhesive testing processes with just one universal testing machine that achieves an accuracy exceeding ASTM or ISO standards. Tinius Olsen offers a large selection of grips and fixtures specifically designed for peel and shear strength tests including 90 degree peel fixtures and climbing drum peel fixtures.

Adhesive performance testing is essential to evaluate the long-term reliability and durability of adhesive products, such as composites, core constructions and bonding agents with plastic, metal or wood substrates.

Rigorous testing procedures provide assurance against failure that can occur due to incorrect resin or additive selection, insufficient volume and cure, contamination issues and cross-contamination issues, substrate issues and formulation issues.

Our experts generate rapid and accurate performance test data for adhesive materials used in a variety of industries and applications such as aerospace, automotive and construction.

The data we provide assists materials engineers in the selection of materials in applications in global markets and includes tensile, shear and peel data and other adhesive property tests such as strength measurements including impact, odor and aging. The tests are performed hot/wet/dry at ambient, elevated or low temperatures.

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