Tinius Olsen

High Energy Impact Testers

Tinius Olsen’s pendulum impact testers are versatile and reliable machines designed to fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, EN10045-2 and ISO 148. Today, the Model IT406 and the Model IT542 are widely recognized as the standards of the industry for impact testing.

Tinius Olsen offers a number of options to make the operation of the impact tester easier—from a simple electric brake to slow the swinging pendulum to a stop, to an automatic motorized return, eliminating the need for any operator involvement other than releasing the pendulum.

Machines with a digital display can be linked to a stand alone PC and connected to Tinius Olsen’s Horizon software. For high traffic areas, Tinius Olsen can supply a complete enclosure for the machine so that the swinging pendulum and broken specimens do not pose any safety concerns. The enclosure is completely
interlocked so that the machine cannot operate unless all the guards are in place.

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