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The slippage test method is used to determine the resistance to slippage of filling yarn over the warp yarn, or to determine the resistance of the warp yarn to the warp yarn, using a standard seam. The machine setup for the seam slippage test is similar to the seam strength test except that a crosshead speed of 50mm/min is typically used.

Three different types of seam slippage tests exist, each with their own drawbacks. With the first type, a standard seam is placed under a certain load and the seam gap is measured. In the second type, a load extension curve is plotted with and without a standard seam and the difference between the two curves is taken as the slippage. The third type does away with a sewn seam and measures the force required to pull a set of pins through the fabric. One variant of the first is to measure the load required to open a certain seam.

Tinius Olsen offers force measurement equipment and material testing machines for slippage testing. All testing hardware is fully complemented by our Horizon software.

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