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The Tinius Olsen L Series of mechanical testing systems provide the simplicity, performance and affordability needed for quality control and product testing.

The L Series of electromechanical testing machines from Tinius Olsen is designed to test a wide range of materials including, but not limited to: plastics, films, paper, packaging materials, filter material, adhesives, foils, food, toys, medical devices and components, in tension, compression, flexure and peel.

Testing machines are available in frame capacities of 5kN, 10kN, 25kN and 50kN and are combined with a variety of grips and fixtures, extensometers and software to provide standard testing systems for a variety of applications.

At the heart of each system is the testing machine. Building on the quality and technology that is built into all Tinius Olsen machines, we have developed the L Series of machines that communicate directly with a standard PC via a high speed USB.

Robust construction of the loadframes comprising oil soaked pre loaded precision leadscrews, high precision ball race bearings, high grade material for crossheads and current electronics, combined with our years of experience in machine construction results in these superior testing machines.

Flexibility and simplicity of use is also built into the design of these machines. Each machine features rapid change Z beam loadcells that allow quick and easy capacity reduction to an appropriate capacity for the test. These loadcells have a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the applied load, from 2-100% of the loadcell capacity. Each machine also features rapid grip change capability: a simple pinning technique means that the gripping fixtures can be changed for different test configurations extremely rapidly and easily.

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