Maximizing Your AMT Investment with Materials Testing Software


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Whether a materials testing system is fully or only partially automated, managing and analyzing the resulting data is just as important as the repeatability and sustainability of the testing process itself.

Data is key to engineering decision intelligence through advanced analysis, which increases your opportunities to rethink and optimize decisions for a better return on investment (ROI).

Align Your Data to Business Value

The best business value comes from efficiently compiling, analyzing, controlling and reporting on the data collected.  So, once you've aligned your automated testing system to achieve maximum productivity for your operation, make sure you can put those insights into action with powerful materials testing software that provides:

  • Insightful data analysis
  • Complex control
  • Sophisticated reporting


Designed to deliver test results instantaneously to the teams that need them, Horizon Software optimizes multiple parts of your automated materials testing operation:

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Quality Manager
  • Lab Manager
  • Back-up and Archive


Its pre-defined testing programs can be modified to fit a customer's particular requirements and Horizon also enables testing data to be exported and transferred to other data analysis systems. Find out how you can broaden the impact of your data with Horizon Software.