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Tinius Olsen provides equipment for testing, inspection, auditing, and quality assurance with accuracy, enabling retailers, manufacturers and importers to ensure the safety, quality and performance of footwear and leather goods.

Testing of the materials and components that make up the finished product, as well as evaluation of the entire shoe, helps ensure safety compliance, reduce returns, improve quality, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our accredited footwear testing machines are available to the leading footwear manufacturing industry, providing a global reach with local solutions.

Our testing capability extends to all types of footwear, from athletic and children's shoes to safety/PPE shoes and high-end designer shoes. Tinius Olsen is accredited to perform physical and mechanical tests to ensure the safety and performance of your shoes, including:

  • Slip and flex cracking resistance
  • Sole bond adhesion, seam, heel attachment strength
  • Components – zips, touch, close fasteners and others
  • Whole shoe appraisal, etc
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