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Tinius Olsen’s VEM range of video extensometers combine precision hardware, camera – lens technology and software, data acquisition, signal processing and data interpretation. The VEM software is the user interface through which the power of the video extensometer system is fully realised.
The software can be used for standard routine and repetitive materials testing in tension, compression, shear or flexural modes with one or two gage length references (Lo). More complex testing may require multiple gage length references (Los), deriving multiple live strain readings and results in support of dual strain averaging, shear strain values, r&n, Poisson’s ratio and live in-test specimen alignment monitoring.
The software can be configured to operate for a specific task as an integral part of Tinius Olsen’s Horizon materials testing platform. It combines with a Tinius Olsen testing machine frame, capturing and using the data in strain rate control of the testing machine. It can also be used with older Tinius Olsen and non-Tinius Olsen testing machine frames, where intimate digital integration is not always possible. Here, the strain data captured can be shared in real time with the testing machine system.
It can also bring the testing machine force data signal into the software to enable graphing and results to be calculated within the software alongside the legacy testing machine user interface.

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Four Levels of Software

Four levels of software are available: Horizon-based, Basic, Standard and Advanced. Horizon-based is the leanest in function – straightforward non-contacting extensometery, enabling real time graphs and results for strain measurement relative to basic gage lengths.
Basic, Standard and Advanced all take advantage of the video capability, providing a post-test playback function. The recorded test, with embedded strain data, can be replayed and the graphs and results reviewed. This can be a permanent record of the test stored as part of the test records alongside the traditional 2D X/Y graph and results.
Advanced is uniquely supplied with a full post-test analysis function. In addition to replaying a test for review, new measurements and gage lengths can be applied. Original gage lengths can be moved and replaced on the specimen – for example, for an unexpected specimen break point. The test can then be rerun in the virtual environment and results and graphs recalculated. This is a powerful function for those engaged in research, who may find they need more results and data following the original test.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-contacting video extensometer solution
  • One extensometer measures in tension, compression, flexural, shear modes
  • No need for bonded strain gauges, multiple clip on extensometers for r&n
  • Supports axial, transverse, orthogonal and rotational measurements
  • Provides a permanent record for recall of the test in video format with full resolution embedded strain data
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 9513 class 0.5, ASTM E83 class B1 and GB

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