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VEM 100 Series

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Tinius Olsen’s VEM 100 series of video extensometer modules is designed to measure higher levels of strain (>10%) in tensile, compression, shear and flexural modes.
The units are fully integrated with the testing machine and results-reporting software, supporting multiple gage length click and drag placements, strain rate control and real-time results during and throughout the test.
The VEM 100 series is directly compatible with all Tinius Olsen testing machine frames. It is mounted using a stabilized carbon fiber arm with built-in X, Y and Z fine positioning adjustment for optimum measuring performance.
The unit can be mounted at the front or rear of a testing machine, left or right in support of operator comfort and efficiency of use. The extensometer on its mounting arm can be quickly moved away from the test area, ensuring full operator access for specimen loading and grip or accessory changes, then equally quickly swung back into position, locating precisely using the magnetic homing position – simple, precise and quick.
The built-in lighting strip ensures repeatability in tests irrespective of lab conditions yet requires no special light sources or red colors, being easily controlled by the user adjusting intensity as required to ensure a stable light environment.

Extensometer Information

These versatile extensometer modules are available in a number of different performance configurations, each compatible with Tinius Olsen’s Horizon and VSS materials testing software, whether the Basic, Standard or Advanced option.


The precise camera, lens and data acquisition technology delivers zero gage length error every time and quick application of gage marks, including for the measurement of rotation (to track specimen alignment) during testing. Calibration is digitally embedded but, for reassurance, can be checked at any time using the standard traceable gage block supplied.


For most applications a single VEM extensometer module is sufficient, but up to four extensometer modules can be synchronized to work together capturing four simultaneous events.


The VEM Video Extensometer improves productivity through speed of use, improves repeatability and aids traceability via the embedded strain data video stored as part of the results data set. In addition, there are no mechanical parts under strain when subjected to the release force at the specimen break point.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-contacting video extensometer solution
  • One extensometer measures in tension, compression, flexural, shear modes
  • No risk of damage due to violent specimen breaks
  • Capable of measuring up to 1000% strain
  • Supports quick gage length change 10mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm
  • Provides a permanent record for recall of the test in video format with full resolution embedded strain data
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 9513 class 0.5, ASTM E83 class B1 and GB/T 12160 class 0.5
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