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A message to our customers, distributors and colleagues

As a global Company, we have witnessed our world continuing to change as countries around the globe employ their best efforts to minimize the effects of an invisible virus.

From our office in Shanghai living through the requirement to completely shelter in place, to the UK and India restricting the movement of people and flights, and most recently to the Governor of Pennsylvania, the state where the Horsham headquarters is located, ordering a complete shutdown of all non life-sustaining businesses. The governments’ responses have been far reaching and have impacted all of us. And while we feel that we are not directly a life sustaining business, and will therefore comply with the order to shut down the majority of our US production operations, we recognize that many of our customers are such businesses. Therefore, we are currently evaluating all existing orders to determine which may be life-sustaining businesses, and will be contacting these customers directly to determine the best way to fulfill their requirements. In addition, our customer and field service groups are working remotely and are available for support, as is an emergency team to respond for shipping of parts and repairs.

Throughout these times of constant change, our dedicated distributors and colleagues have admirably attempted to balance serving the needs of our valued customers with the safety of themselves and their families, and I could not be more proud of each and every one of them.

During conversations with our Chairman, Jane Olsen, I am reminded of the world events that the Tinius Olsen Company has endured during its 140 years in business. Two world wars, multiple economic catastrophes, and more devastating natural disasters than can be counted.  

And each time the Company came through stronger than we were before, because our people pulled together, not apart. This time, I am sure, will be no different.

Stick together, we will do our best to keep our business moving along and meeting our customers' needs, help your neighbor, keep your families safe and we will all get through this!

Robert Tait III


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