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Video Extensometer for Non-TO Machines

Tinius Olsen’s External Control Version of its video extensometer still uses a high resolution monochrome camera and advanced high speed image processing. This high speed processing capability is controlled by separate software, but the measurements of strain can be directly reported and shown as part of the strain/strain results within the Horizon data analysis software.

Non-contact extensometry is the method of choice for applications where it is particularly difficult to measure strain using traditional contacting means.

Because these extensometers don’t touch the specimen, they are ideal for:
♦ thin or fragile specimens where contacting alternatives introduce stress points that may cause premature breaks
♦ specimens that require high temperature or submerged environments
♦ situations where specimen failure is accompanied by a huge release of energy.

tinius olsen video extensomer

Features & Benefits

The advantages of this ‘external’ control software are that the data collected from the external control software can record data from multiple pairs of data points recognised on the specimen. Not only does the external software record what has happened in the strain measurements, but it also records the video of the whole test.

tinius olsen video extensomer

Video Versatility

It is possible to rerun a series of tests using different test points on the specimen on a replay of the video, without the need for more specimens.

tinius olsen video extensomer