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Handheld Tethered User Interface


Familiar handheld controller that is tethered to the machine by an articulated arm. With its larger, tactile, sealed keypad, this controller is ideal for operators who use gloves to load and unload specimens and prefer a push button keypad. The controller can be used for basic operation of the tester and can initiate a test, but must be used with Horizon software.

Two models of this tethered controller are available: one designed for the operation with our ST series testers, and one designed for operation with our SL series testers.

tinius olsen Proterm Handheld Tethered User Interface

Features & Benefits

♦ SL model has five more buttons than the ST model, which are used for opening and closing of hydraulic actuated lever pocket wedge grips, and for moving the motorised crosshead on hydraulic machines.

♦ Interface is surrounded by silicone rubber guard to prevent damage.

♦ Keys made from robust elastomeric epoxy and safe in all kinds of environments.

♦ Keypad surface provides superior splash resistance which reduces curling and peeling making it ideal for all kinds of operating environments.

tinius olsen Proterm Handheld Tethered User Interface


Specifications apply to both SL Series Handheld User Interfaces and ST Series Handheld User Interfaces, except where indicated

♦ Required or option: Option in support of testing machine crosshead positioning, specimen insertion and monitoring of machine status. Cannot be used to perform materials testing

♦ Compatible with TO: ST series frames and SL series frames

♦ Tactile push button type: Black elastomeric keys with epoxy caps. The keypad surface provides excellent splash resistance with no curling or peeling of the keypad overlay

♦ Dedicated hard keys: SL Series – 18 keys, ST Series – 13 keys

♦ Technology platform: Embedded processor based

♦ Language: Supports global language character sets

♦ Screen: Monochrome supertwist LCD5 – 5 lines (3 live sources, 2 status lines)

♦ Screen size: 192 x 128 pixels

♦ IP rating: Sealed to IP51 (drip proof)

♦ Size (LxWxD): 209 x 104.1 x 29.2mm/8.25 x 4.10 x 1.15in

♦ Weight: 340g/12oz

♦ Graphics: ASCII Character Set, Dark Characters on Light Background with Blinking and Inverse Video Attributes

♦ Cable connection: 6-pin modular interface connector capable of communication up to 57,600bps

♦ Cradle mount to frame: SL Series – Mounted on adjustable, articulated arm fixed on console, ST Series – Mounted on adjustable, articulated arm which in turn is connected to T slot mounting point on test frame

♦ Cable length: 600mm/23.6in

♦ Surround: Case is moulded from Cycolac ABS® with a silicon rubber surround

♦ Power requirement: Via RS232 cable

♦ Operating temperature: 10 to 40°C

♦ Operating humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing

♦ Storage temperature: 5 to 35°C

♦ Storage humidity: 10% to 70% non-condensing


tinius olsen Proterm Handheld Tethered User Interface