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800J (590 ft•lb) Pendulum Impact

Model IT 800

    Tinius Olsen has increased the range of capacities with the Model IT800, with 800 J  (590 ft•lb) of available energy.

    The IT 800 incorporates a number of unique features including a follower arm that tracks the swinging pendulum withou contact and if the test area safety doors are opened (or optional light curtain broken) immediately stops any further motion of the pendulum. This follower arm also acts as the pendulum return carrier and safely returns the pendulum to its latched release point once a test is complete. Other features include a touch screen display to set-up the test and displaying the test results.

    The IT 800 has a number of different features and accessories that ensure safe and reliable testing while maintaining accuracy and repeatability of the results. These features include, as standard on the IT800, a unique motorised following arm that acts as both an electric brake and a motorised return, safety shields with the choice of an interlocked door or a light curtain that prevent a pendulum release during specimen loading, lateral expansion gage, and a digital display that was developed with the same feel as our Horizon software.

    All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed Horizon software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system.