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542J (400 ft•lb) Pendulum Impact

Model IT 542

The Model IT 542 Impact, which shares all the same features as the Model IT 406 except that it has an available energy of 542 J (400 ft•lbf). The Model IT 542 is also supplied complete with the automatic motorized return, and digital display.

    The Model IT 542 provides maximum testing versatility. Easy insertion of interchangeable strikers in the pendulum head quickly adapts the machine for either Charpy or Izod testing. Two studs on the rear of the pendulum head allow optional tooling to be attached for performing tension impact tests.

    A latch with a safety lock holds the pendulum in its raised position and assures a vibration-free release when activated. Once released, the pendulum quickly reaches the impact velocity of 5.47 m/s (17.0 ft/s) and has a maximum available energy of 542 J (400 ft•lbf) to impact the specimen

    The superior design and construction of the Model IT 542 ensures maximum testing accuracy and repeatability. When the machine is properly installed and levelled, the total frictional and windage losses during the pendulum swing are guaranteed not to exceed 0.5% of the energy range.

    Tinius Olsen provides a low blow fixture that allows Charpy, Izod, or tension impact tests to be performed at any of 55 velocity/energy levels from the maximum of 5.47 m/s (17.9 ft/s) down to 0.13 m/s (0.4 ft/s).

    For high traffic areas, Tinius Olsen can supply a complete enclosure for the machine so that the swinging pendulum and broken specimens do not pose any safety concerns. The enclosure is completely interlocked so that the machine cannot operate unless all the guards are in place.