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30 to 3000 kgf

FH 9

    The FH-9 series is a brinell testing machine capable of 30 to 3000 kfg (model dependent) is a quality Brinell testing system with a robust design, and rigid frame. 

    A closed loop, load cell based system with high quality objectives for either analogue or digital readings create an efficient, easy to use test environment. 

    The FH-9 series offers analogue or video measurement through a high resolution video scanner with Horizon software to meet all testing needs. With capabilities to convert simultaneously to rockwell, vickers, brinell, and leeb rebound testing the FH-9 series creates a user friendly testing environment. 

tinius olsen model fh9 brinell hardness testers

Features & Benefits

Load cell, force feedback, closed loop system
Automatic video or analogue measurement systems
Horizon software
Load range 30 to 3000 kgf 
Complies with all applicable ASTM, ISO, EN, JIS and other international standards
220 mm standard working height and 200mm throat depth
Industrial full colour touchscreen display; user-friendly interface, easy to operate

tinius olsen fh9 brinell hardness testing machine

XL test frame sizes for a maximum 390 mm working area 
XL testing tables
Motorized Z axis
Motorized X-Y stages
Certified indenters (ASTM or ISO)
Certified blocks (ASTM or ISO)
Custom indenters
tinius olsen fh9 hardness testing machine with touch display