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1 to 3000 kgf

FH 11

The FH11 Series represents one of Tinius Olsen's most advanced system for universal hardness testing. This multi purpose hardness testing instrument uses a modern design and innovative technology, based on the application of mechatronic components and high-resolution video machine vision systems.

    The high level of precision combined with high definition imaging means that the scope of applications for the FH11 is almost unlimited; whether those applications cover aircraft engine parts, automobile parts, production lines, general quality assurance or general laboratory use. 

    The FH 11 is available in three models with force ranges consisting of 1 to 250 kgf, 3 to 750 kgf, 10 to 3000 kgf. A special feature of the FH 11 is the six position motorized turret, which comes as a standard on each system. The turret can hold up to 3 different indentors and/or 3 (or 4 if only 2 indenters are selected) objectives. Combine the turret with an optional X-Y stage, a rotary table or inclination table and you have one of the most comprehensive testing instruments available. 

tinius olsen model fh11 hardness testing machine

Features & Benefits

Closed loop, load cell based system capable of performing Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, VIckers, Knoop, Brinell, HVT and HBT scales
Advanced horizon software
Advanced measurement options with automatic focus
Descending test head (Z axis) with automatic workpiece detection
Six position turret with Horizon software to control movement and objective or indenter selection
High definition optical system utilizing 0.7 to 60x objectives
Optical depth measuring system (Rockwell, HBT, HVT, ball indentation for plastic ISO 2039/1)
6.5 in industrial full colour touchscreen display; user-friendly interface, easy to operate
Large 15" industrail touch screen
tinius olsen fh 11 hardness test

Options & Accessories

Jominy test configuration through Horizon software
Motorized X-Y stages
Automated weld test pattern software
Precision vices, v-blocks, etc.
Certified indenters (ASTM or ISO)
Certified test blcoks (ASTM or ISO)
Extra large testing table

tinius olsen fh11 specimen hardness test

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