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Jolting Apparatus

The Jolting Apparatus is used for making standard rectangular specimens measuring 40.1 x 40 x 160mm of portland and pozzolana cement mortar for determining transverse strength.

This machine consists of a mould table, which is seated on a rotating cam driven at 60rpm. The rectangular mould table is connected by two support arms to the spindle. The three-gang mould on the top is clamped rigidly to the mould table using the supplied hopper. The hopper supports the mould while free fall of the table is stopped by the cam.

The machine is supplied as standard with TO-422 three-gang mould 40.1 x 40 x 160mm and feeding hopper.

Applicable Standards: BS 3892-1, 4551-1, EN 196-1, 413-2, 459-2, 1774-1, 1015-10, 11, 13454-2, ISO 679.

tinius olsen jolting apparatus TO-421

Features & Benefits

♦ Easy and quick to start

♦ Automatic function

♦ No attention required during test

♦ Easy clamping and unclamping of mould on table

tinius olsen jolting apparatus TO-421

Ordering Information

TO-421-01 Jolting Apparatus, 110V 60Hz

TO-421-02 Jolting Apparatus, 220V 60Hz

TO-421-03 Jolting Apparatus, 220V 50Hz

tinius olsen jolting apparatus TO-421