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Hydraulic Tensile Grip 01036030

These side loading hydraulic wedge grips (ref. 01036030) are used on high force electromechanical test frames and hydraulic test frames.


♦ Metal

♦ Other high force specimens


♦ Maximum Capacity: 300kN/60klbf

♦ Standard Wedge Width: 50mm/2in*

♦ Length Each: 180mm/7.4in

♦ Weight Each: 77kg/170lb

♦ Temperature Limits: -40 to 175°C

♦ Required Hydraulic Pressure: 70MPa/10kps

*Alternate wedge widths available

Required accessories (see below)

♦ Hydraulic pumping unit

♦ Grip faces

♦ Alignment fixtures

tinius olsen hydraulic tensile grip 01036030

Hydraulic pumping unit

Hydraulic pumping unit (ref. 01036002) with grip control for use with the 300kN grips (ref. 01036030).


♦ Maximum Pressure: 70MPa/10kpsi

♦ Minimum Pressure: 10MPa /1.5kpsi

♦ Pressure Stability: +/-100psi

♦ Weight: 76kg/170lb

♦ Temperature Range: -40 to 177°C

tinius olsen hydraulic pumping unit 01036002

Alignment fixture and grip faces

Alignment Fixture (ref. 01036004)

This allows alignment adjustment to eliminate loading inconsistencies and inaccuracies that frequently occur during sample loading.  

It has a maximum capacity of 300kN/60klbf.

Wedge Grip Faces

These are used in the side loading hydraulic wedge grip body and are available in a variety of different shapes that best match the specimen profile.

Flat Wedge Specimens

Specimen Thickness:




Narrow Wedge Set

Wedge Width: 50.8mm /2in

Wide Wedge Set

Wedge Width: 101.6mm /4.00in

Round Wedge Specimens

Specimen Diameter: 15,20,30mm/0.75,1.0,1.2in

Vee Wedge Specimens

Specimen Diameter:




tinius olsen hydraulic grip faces

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