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Grip 99-120-0000

Self-tightening wedge grips. Wedges remain stationary when applying initial gripping force on the sample via the handwheel, so avoiding excessive compression of the sample prior to test. Grips are supplied with cross-hatched jaw faces for gripping flat samples. Optional V profile wedges are available for gripping round sections up to 15mm (6/10in).

The wedge style tensile grip is used on ST series materials testing machines.

tinius olsen wedge style tensile grip 99-120-0000


♦ Maximum Capacity: 25kN/5,000lbf

♦ Minimum Loadcell: 500N/100lbf

♦ Gripping Length: 50mm/2in

♦ Maximum Sample Width: 30mm/1.2in

♦ Maximum Sample Thickness: 15mm/0.6in

♦ Length Each: 210mm/8.3in

♦ Weight Each: 6.3kg/14lbf

♦ Temperature Limits: -40 to 100°C

V Profile Jaw Face Options

♦ HW20R5: 3-5mm/0.12-0.2mm diameter

♦ HW20R8: 4-8mm/0.15-0.31mm diameter

♦ HW20R10: 5-10mm/0.2-0.4mm diameter

♦ HW20R15: 8-15mm/0.31-0.6mm diameter

tinius olsen wedge style tensile grip 99-120-0000


Suitable for gripping high strength rigid material in parallel or dumbbell form. Ideally the overall sample length should be greater than 150mm (6in).

tinius olsen wedge style tensile grip 99-120-0000