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Grip 99-1001216

Medium duty scissor action grip. Self-tightening and self-aligning grips that use two cross-cut faces. The grip is particularly efficient for testing flexible dumbbell specimens. The centreline of the specimen remains constant in relation to the test machine, irrespective of the specimen thickness.

The tensile vice grip is used on benchtop materials testing machines.

tinius olsen tensile vice grip 99-1001216


♦ Maximum Capacity: 5kN/1,000lbf

♦ Minimum Loadcell: 250N/50lbf

♦ Jaw Face: Diamond cut

♦ Maximum Specimen Width: 50mm/2in

♦ Maximum Sample Thickness: 15mm/0.6in

♦ Length Each: 205mm/8.1in

♦ Weight Each: 2.65kg/5.8lb

♦ Temperature Limits: -70 to 150°C

tinius olsen tensile vice grip 99-1001216


♦ Polystyrene

♦ Rubber

♦ Composites

♦ Sintered materials

♦ Medical tablets

♦ Components

tinius olsen tensile vice grip 99-1001216