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Grip 99-043-0000

The grip is designed for testing fabric, webbing, strapping and similar materials. The specimen is wrapped around the 2 in (50 mm) diameter smooth spools with its end securely held between the serrated faces of the split spools.

The grip is used on LoCaps, benchtop testers, SL hydraulic testers machines and Electomatic materials testing machines with closed crossheads.

tinius olsen grip 99-043-0000


♦ Maximum Capacity: 11 kN/5,000 lbf

♦ Maximum Width: 23 mm/0.9 in

♦ Maximum Thickness: 7.6 mm/0.3 in

♦ Length Each: 40 mm/1.6 in

♦ Weight Each: 150 g/0.33 lb

♦ Temperature Limits: -30 to 70°C

tinius olsen grip 99-043-0000


♦ Fabric

♦ Webbing

♦ Strapping

♦ Similar flexible flat material

tinius olsen grip 99-043-0000