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Grip 99-010-0000

Self-tightening wedge grips with spring-loaded wedges to provide the initial gripping and allow rapid loading of the sample. Gripping wedges are supplied with serrated jaw faces for gripping flat samples. Optional V profile wedges are available for gripping round sections up to 15mm (6/10in).

The wedge style tensile grip is used on ST series materials testing machines.

tinius olsen wedge style tensile grip 99-010-0000


♦ Maximum Capacity: 10kN/2,000lbf

♦ Minimum Loadcell: 250N/50lbf

♦ Gripping Length: 50mm/2in

♦ Maximum Sample Width: 25mm/1in

♦ Maximum Sample Thickness: 8mm/0.3in

♦ Length Each: 120mm/5in

♦ Weight Each: 1.8kg/4lbf

♦ Temperature Limits: -30 to 70°C

V Profile Jaw Face Options

♦ HW10R8          4-8mm/0.15-0.31mm diameter

♦ HW10R10        6-10mm/0.23-0.4mm diameter

♦ HW10R15        10-15mm/0.4-0.6mm diameter

tinius olsen wedge style tensile grip 99-010-0000


Recommended for gripping relatively soft materials in parallel or dumbbell form. Typical materials include copper, semi-rigid plastics, film, board, wood etc. Ideally the overall sample length should be greater than 150mm (6in).

tinius olsen wedge style tensile grip 99-010-0000