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Grip 67-N-83

These grips use a unique balanced design that allows easy insertion of the specimen into these open front grips without bowing or bending the sample. Two types of actuation are available: a spring activated lever that allows faster insertion and removal of the sample, or a rotary type that moves the wedges horizontally when the handles are turned that maintains positive gripping without any vertical motion, eliminating any sample buckling.

The suspended wedge tensile grip is used on ST and SL series materials testing machines.

tinius olsen suspended wedge tensile grip 67-N-83


60kN/12,000lbf grips

♦ Wedge Angle: 15°

♦ Maximum Thickness (with flats): 15mm/0.625in

♦ Maximum Width (with flats): 44mm/1.75in

♦ Maximum Diameter (with vees): 19mm/0.75in

♦ Minimum Diameter (with vees): 8mm/0.3125in

♦ Gripping length: 70mm/2.75in

♦ Length Each: 193mm/7.6in

♦ Weight Each: 6.7kg/14.8lb

150kN/30,000lbf grips

♦ Wedge Angle: 15°

♦ Maximum Thickness (with flats): 25mm/1in

♦ Maximum Width (with flats): 50mm/2in

♦ Maximum Diameter (with vees): 25mm/1in

♦ Minimum Diameter (with vees): 6.35mm/0.25in

♦ Gripping Length: 70mm/2.75in

♦ Length Each: 210mm/8.27in

♦ Weight Each: 15.7kg/34.7lb


♦ Metals

♦ Other high strength materials