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Grip 67-N-27

Used for testing standard threaded and headed specimens in accordance with ASTM E8. These holders are used in conjunction with two spherically seated plates and nuts with matching studs.
They are typically made for testing 0.505in diameter threaded specimens although adaptors are available to accommodate 0.357in or 0.252in diameter test bars or cast iron bars of 0.5in, 0.75in or 1.25in diameter.
Additionally, split adaptors for headed specimens can be supplied in various sizes and metric versions are also available for both headed and threaded holders.

The suspended tensile grips are for use on SL series materials testing machines.

tinius olsen suspended tensile grip 67-N-27


♦ Maximum Force: 150kN/30,000lbf

♦ Length Each: 40mm/1.6in

♦ Weight Each: 150g/0.33lb

tinius olsen suspended tensile grip 67-N-27


♦ Metals

♦ Other high strength materials

tinius olsen suspended tensile grip 67-N-27