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Dumbbell Grip

The 99-033-0000 grip is designed for holding a single bollard grip. The free end of the test specimen is held in a vice clamp. The specimen is then wrapped around a single friction bollard; this friction bollard reduces the concentration of stress at the clamping point and prevents premature breakage of the specimen.

The dumbbell grip is used on ST series materials testing machines.

tinius olsen dumbbell grip 99-033-0000


♦ Maximum Capacity: 2 kN/400 lbf

♦ Minimum Loadcell: 50 N/10 lbf

♦ Maximum Specimen Diameter: 5 mm/0.2 in

♦ Length Each: 70 mm/2.75 in

♦ Weight Each: 350g/0.77lb

♦ Temperature Limits: -30 to 70°C

tinius olsen dumbbell grip 99-033-0000


♦ Yarn

♦ Threads

♦ Wool

♦ Cables

♦ Fishing line

tinius olsen dumbbell grip 99-033-0000