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Peel Test

Climbing Drum Peel Unit

Climbing drum peel unit comprising a flanged drum with integral clamp for holding the free end of the test assembly.

The opposing end is attached to the load cell. The drum is made to rotate by applying tension to the chains attached to the outer rims. This action produces a peel action on the adhesive bond. For ease of handling, the drum assembly is supported with Bowden cables. This unit is compatible with ST series of benchtop material testing machine.

tinius olsen Climbing Drum Peel Unit


♦ Conforms to BS5350 part C13, ASTM D1781

♦ Maximum Capacity: 5kN/1,000 lbf

♦ Minimum Loadcell: 100N/20lbf

♦ Drum diameter: 102mm/4in

♦ Maximum sample width: 75mm/3in

♦ Weight top clamp: 900g/2lb

♦ Weight drum assembly: 2.5kg/5.5lb

♦ Temperature Limits: -30 to 200°C

tinius olsen Climbing Drum Peel Unit


For determining the perpendicular peel strength of adhesive bonds between the core and outer skin of sandwich assemblies, typically honeycomb and other composites.

tinius olsen Climbing Drum Peel Unit

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