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System Upgrades

602 Upgrade

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System Upgrades

System Upgrades

602 Upgrade

Upgrade the capabilities of the testing machine currently in your lab! Tinius Olsen’s new Model 602 Upgrade Package is designed to easily and economically increase the capabilities and performance of older hydraulically driven testing machines, using the existing load frame.


As with all testing equipment, proper maintenance, regular service and annual calibrations and verifications can extend the life of the equipment, but there comes a time when the control and indicating systems are, quite frankly, old and should be replaced.


The actual test frame may still be performing well, but the indicating system and the control system may be outdated; out of specification (9 inch dials used on some equipment no longer meet the revised ASTM E4 standard low range resolution requirements); or out of order because not only are older style repair parts and components increasingly hard to find, they are also increasingly more expensive.


Please note the following:

Whenever considering a retrofit there are some key parameters:


If the machine was manufactured from approx. 1960 onwards, as a rule retrofit is possible. However, there are older machines which can still be retrofitted without a problem. This includes the older ‘dial’ type machines.


The very first step before discussion is to obtain the machine serial number, which is typically located on the back of the indicating system itself. This is the ‘key’ to locating our records and without this it will not be possible to progress the request. Using this number, contact Tinius Olsen and we will check our records as to the possible retrofit options.


When any retrofit is being considered it is vitally important to take as many photos of the internals, etc, of the machine and pumping system as some parts may have been modified by others and therefore it is vital to enable the factory to see what is being considered etc.


Some older machines cannot now be used in accordance with ASTM E4 (later than 2001 versions) throughout zero to maximum load – see following page for an idea of lowest permissible range of Tinius machines.


Note: All machines from all manufacturers must now have a resolution of one part in 200 – which in basic terms means that the lowest calibrated load of any machine in any range is 200 times the resolution.


What You Are Reading From: Lowest Calibrated Load Reading:
602 display, 398 display, 290 display 0.2% of machines capacity
S/T Series Bench Machines 1% of loadcell capacity
M Series Bench Machine 200 times lowest resolution of the display in range used
Pre 290 digital display, Jonsey Digital 200 times lowest resolution of the display in range used
28 inch dial - TO machine 10% of the range
17 inch dial - TO machine 20% of the range
Bristol, AD, MM chart recorder 20% of the range
Model 51, and small X-Y recorder (Bench)  
100 division paper 40% of the range
120 division paper 33.3% of the range



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System Upgrades

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