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Hounsfield History

Other Hounsfield Notables

This brain scanner, designed by Godfrey Hounsfield at EMI, was the first production model with which the first trials on patients were undertaken in 1971. These established CT (computerised tomography) scanning as a key imaging technology, particularly for the brain.


The CT scanner was a runaway success: by 1977 there were 1130 machines installed across the world.


The technique continues to be popular, but the more recent technology of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is now being used for many of the diagnostic tasks previously assigned to CT.


A CT image is a 'slice' across the head or body produced using a computer program to reconstruct a picture out of data derived from a series of precision x-ray exposures.

Godfrey Hounsfield was honored with Knighthood in England for his contributions to medicine and science and in 1979 Sir Godfrey Hounsfield was awarded the Nobel Laureate for Medicine.

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